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Building a Multi-Teacher Studio

Recently Tim Topham and I had a chat about a whole variety of things, mostly we were supposed to be talking about business! But with Tim it would have been very easy for us to chat for a few hours about lots of different things.

I am passionate about sustainable business development and this is a good summary of my ethos towards my own business practices.

So grab a coffee and come and join the chat. Head over to Tim’s page to download the podcast and get access to all of the great links he has up.


If you have questions I am happy to help whenever can and have the time. Just ask below in the comments or get in touch via the Creative.Piano.Professional Facebook page.

And here is the video of our chat if that takes your fancy!

3 Responses to “Building a Multi-Teacher Studio”

  1. Carly Walton

    I am so inspired by listening to this podcast! I’ve been trying to figure out ways to build my business and increase my income for the last several years. I currently have 47 students during as many after school and before hours as I can fit them in! I do have a short waiting list and have never thought of hiring another teacher. I don’t really know where I would start though! I’m assuming finding a location for them to teach is crucial? Establishing payments methods and studio policies as well? I just have so many questions about this. The podcast was great though and has got my mind spinning!



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