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Ideas for International Piano Week: September 1-7 2014: Umi’s Lullaby

Umi’s Lullaby

Have you heard about International Piano Week? The first week in September will see students from around the world participating in International Piano Week. Melbourne based composer Sonny Chua has written a beautiful piece called Umi’s Lullaby for the occasion.

Students, teachers and ensembles are encouraged to create Umi’s Lullaby inspired arrangements, duos, trios, large ensembles, works of art, stories, the list is only limited by your imagination!

Why not film your performance and upload it to YouTube? (the tag being used is #IPWUmi ). So often playing the piano can be a solitary pursuit, this is an opportunity for your students to be a part of something bigger and engage with others participating from all over the world!

Here is a little taste of Umi’s Lullaby being played as a duet by Suzy and I today. I sprung this on Suzy in her lesson. She plays around a 4th grade AMEB level and we used this piece as quick sight reading duet!

I have also been having a play around with an easy melody arrangement for beginners and have been playing it with my son Ethan (7yo), he is reluctant to share his awesomeness with everyone at the moment. While we were playing around with the beginners arrangement, my daughter Ella was painting and here was what she thought was happening with Umi’s Lullaby:



Ella’s response to hearing Umi’s Lullaby


Then Ethan wanted in on the painting action:



Ethan’s interpretation of Umi’s Lullaby


While Ethan was painting, Ella decided to write a story based on the sounds of Umi’s Lullaby. She thought it sounded like thoughts inside someones head and being able to go through them. The story is titled ‘The Locked Dream’ and I will be interested to see how it turns out. Apparently it is going to have chapters so it may take a while to share that one with you!



Ella working on ‘The Locked Dream’


Some other ways I have been creating some opportunities to celebrate International Piano Week and Umi’s Lullaby k include a performance at our recital on Monday the 25th of August. It is an opportunity for more students and parents to become aware of the event in time to still participate in IPW with their own creative Umi activities! WIth intermediate students some have chosen to learn Umi’s Lullaby as a  ‘Quick Win’ piece adding to their 40 Piece Challenge collection, others are learning the piece if that suits the standard they are playing at currently (also added to the more difficult pieces on their 40-Piece Challenge list).

Here are some other ideas out there:

  • If you’re around the Reservoir area in Victoria, Australia then why not head over to Katrina’s Piano Orchestra and participate in an ensemble performance of Umi’s Lullaby?
  • You could create a variation/s
  • a duet for four hands
  • a composition inspired by Umi’s Lullaby
  • pictures, stories even a dance!

The options are open-ended! Are you participating? Let me know how you are celebrating International Piano Week in your studio. Here is a link to download Umi’s Lullaby to get you started.

I wonder if anyone will answer the ultimate question; Who is Umi?

UPDATE: Here is a FREE DOWNLOADABLE International Piano Week Umi’s Lullaby Studio Poster I’m using for my students for #IPWUmi

Free Downloadable International Piano Week Studio Poster

Free Downloadable International Piano Week Studio Poster

Stay tuned for a competition during International Piano Week with prizes to celebrate creativity and collaboration in music over at the Creative.Piano.Professional Facebook Page.

Umi's Lullaby

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