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Inspiring Teachers and a Giveaway: Art by Jen G Musical Charms


Handcrafted glass charms by Jen G!


Some time ago I bought a Pandora bracelet and each charm I added meant something special to me. There was only one musical charm I could get, and well, that just wasn’t going to be enough! And then I had an idea…..what if I could have something made that was unique for a gift to commemorate my daughters first musical milestone? Recently Jen (Jen is an awesome local Adelaide Ceramicist, Lamp work artist and an amazing trail runner!) and I caught up and were talking about special ways to create memento’s for special musical occasions (just like for my daughter).

Jen went away and got creative and now you have the chance to win yourself some amazing handcrafted and completely unique Musical Note Charms. The beads were designed and made entirely by Jen in her home/studio in Cherryville. Jen designs and creates beautiful jewellery, beads and stunning ceramics. These can be purchased from her website, JEN-e-sais-quoi, or from her home studio.

Teachers play such a large role in our lives, often more than they ever know. Not only do they teach us the fundamental skills of our instrument but also so many other things. They are our supporters, our encouragers and our friends. I have so many fond memories with my music teachers. So to win one of these special charms, I want to hear about the music/instrumental teachers in your life.



If you would like to add one of these gorgeous beads to your Pandora, or know a musician or your teacher who’d love something this beautiful handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, you can enter the draw to win right here.

How To Enter:

1. Leave a comment below telling us about your favourite Music teacher and how they have impacted your life as a musician.

2. Next, follow our blog! Up on the right hand side of the home page you will see a black ‘follow’ button. Click on this and leave your details.

It’s really that easy! We have 4 beautiful charms to giveaway!

The giveaway ends on Wednesday the 28th of May at 9am ACST.

If you would like to see some more of Jen’s fabulous Artwork head over to her website and Facebook Page!

6 Responses to “Inspiring Teachers and a Giveaway: Art by Jen G Musical Charms”

  1. Sarah

    I have had so many amazing music teachers, but my voice teacher last year taught me more in 12 months than any other private tutor I’ve had. She not only taught me about my pieces and the intricate skills and tricks to perform them but she taught me about myself. Believing in myself and being proud of my hard work.


  2. Sarah M

    I have also had a lot of amazing music teachers, but I think the one I found most inspiring was my flute teacher at uni. She helped me to achieve things I never thought possible in my playing, but more importantly, she taught me to have perspective about my music. It was not uncommon for me to become so stressed about my playing that on a few occasions I cried in lessons, and having her, someone who I looked up to as an amazing musician, say that music wasn’t everything was such a valuable and important lesson for me. She helped me to enjoy playing again at a time where the technical side of music had become more important to me than my love for it.


  3. Tessa

    My favourite music teacher is my Aunty who teaches me piano, because even though I have a piano exam coming up, she also lets me play groovy songs so I don’t get bored!


  4. Bec Terwel

    My favourite music teacher was my clarinet teacher at high school. She gave me the confidence to play music publicly.


  5. Megan Donald

    This is going to sound crazy and possibly quite conceited, but my favourite music teacher is myself. I have had the advantage of having input from many great singing teachers who have all taught me different things or the same things in different ways that haven’t always sunk in, at least straight away. Becoming more aware of my singing and what my body is doing I’ve slowly started piecing all those things together and as I teach others, I teach myself.


  6. creativepianoprofessional

    We have our winners!
    Thank you all for sharing your teacher stories with me! Sarah, Sarah M, Tessa, Megan and Bec you are all getting a beautiful music charm from Jen G! We will get them out to you this week!



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