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5 Things to Consider at the End of the Teaching Year.

  1. Contact your students/parents in regards to any changes of timetable for yourself or the student for next year. It is much better to know now than just before school goes back that you suddenly have several spaces to fill.
  2. Where are your students at? Write down what your students are currently playing, their books and any thoughts you have on direction or learning for next year. Doing this now helps you pick things back up when planning for next year.
  3. How long are you going to take off for the long holiday break? Set a time frame and let all of your student know. Set your emails to “out-of-office” and give yourself a proper break. I tend to take off 3-4 weeks of no office time or teaching. Also inform everyone now what date their lessons recommence.
  4. Are your professional standards/qualifications up to date? Now is a good time to consider any Professional Development opportunities that may be available towards the end of the long break. Do you require a Police Clearance or Child Protection Certificate and teacher registration? Checking the dates and requirements on these now will stop a mad rush at the beginning of the new school year.
  5. Tidy up your studio: before you go on your break, leave your studio tidy, music packed away properly etc. Have students returned any resources you have lent them throughout the year? You will feel much better stepping back into the studio after the break if it is neat and tidy! I also find it more inviting to go into the studio for my own practice during the teaching break if there aren’t teaching materials around everywhere.

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