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A little bit of style.

What do you wear to teach? for conferences? for recitals?

I love to wear clothes that make me happy, and comfortable. If I am going to be teaching for a long time, they must be comfortable.

For the APPC 2013 Conference, I traveled by air to Brisbane, and then drove out to Toowoomba. So I decided that jeans were order of the day with an expected top of 15 degrees!


Jeans-Levi Demi-Curve, White Shirt-Cue, Aqua Belt Sussans, Scarf- gift, Black Boots- Jose Saenz

It suited the weather and was comfortable to fly and drive in. More relaxed than teaching attire, but still respectable.

Then as we moved into the conference, attending evening recitals, something more formal was required and I decided to go with this tried and true combination.

madewithover - Copy

Cream Cardigan- Ted Baker, Black Camisole, Black Skirt- Nyne, Peep-toe Wedges- Novo

I love this skirt, it is layered and feels soft and floaty to wear. It falls just below the knee at the front and to mid-calf at the back.

What things do you consider when planning your wardrobe for professional events or teaching? Is it a “pre-planning” type thing or a “throw-it-on-at-the-last-minute” event?

Be awesome, leave a comment!

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